BrainsBreaker Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are different images from BrainsBreaker 5, a program to solve jigsaw puzzles in a realistic look and feel.

Different cuts of pieces:

BrainsBreaker offers a great variety of cut of pieces, each of them with its particular handicaps and challenges.
You can read more details about them in the BrainsBreaker's blog

The cut of pieces Drips, with rounded shapes
The Classic cut of pieces
BB cut of pieces, with straight sides and geometric bumps

The Mosaic cut is a regular square
The cut of pieces Patch, looks like fabric pieces
The Cubist cut of pieces, very geometric

Starry pieces, contains several pieces looking like stars

Screenshots of ongoing Jigsaw Puzzles:

(clic to enlarge the images)

an ongoing jigsaw puzzle with the loupe
This is a puzzle in progress with the "Classic" cut of pieces.
The image is one of the several free jigsaw packs downloadable easily here.
Here we can see the loupe, a tool that shows the stuff behind it magnified.

a jigsaw puzzle in progress with opened trays
The picture shows the "Starry" cut of pieces and if you look closely, also contains the image to solve in the background, an optional feature ("Ghost image") that helps when solving the puzzle as you can control its transparency.
There are also two open trays, an option to organize the pieces by color for example.

a completed jigsaw puzzle
Here we see a completed jigsaw puzzle, with "BB" pieces.
When a puzzle is completed, the program draws a (configurable) colored frame around it, your trophy.

a mystery jigsaw puzzle
This is a jigsaw puzzle in mystery mode. In this mode you don't know the image you are working.
BrainsBreaker is highly configurable yet very easy to use. You can start playing right now and you will find new possibilities as you go.

This is not one more jigsaw puzzle program...
Experience it by yourself creating your own jigsaw puzzles, free and with no compromise! (see the links below)

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