Art jigsaw puzzles

October 11, 2013

Have you tried doing puzzles of works of art? Besides the fun of solving the puzzle itself, here you will be digging into something very rich. The great paintings have many aspects to inspect closely: The global composition, textures, colors, forms and relations between them...

While playing a jigsaw puzzle of a great painting you will have to observe the work on different levels and points of view, from general to very detailed. Maybe one of these difficult pieces, those on which you spend some more time, contains certain aspect of the painting that could be unnoticed in a simple view.
Try doing a puzzle of a painting, solve it and then after a few days look the original work again, maybe you notice that something has changed in how you look at it.

Click here to download the jigsaw puzzle

(If you haven't installed the BrainsBreaker software yet, please click here to go to the download page)

Here goes Van Gogh's Room at Arles to experiment. It’s a regular puzzle so it will be installed in the gallery and you will be able to play at your favorite shape and number of pieces. With BrainsBreaker installed, click the link above and choose "Open with BrainsBreaker" to have the puzzle installed.

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