Black & White jigsaw puzzles

March 24, 2015

Now we have a new style of jigsaw puzzles: You start with everything (the image and the pieces) in Black & White. As you go matching pieces, the zones where two pieces connect recover their color and so on until the puzzle is done and all the color recovered.

The feature comes in the new version 5.6 already available for download and is accessible when starting a new puzzle: Check that option before starting a puzzle.
The recovery of color is also reflected in the mini-image (if you have it visible) and the image of puzzle (the one you see when you press the space bar).

These puzzles are challenging and also rewarding. Try the B&W mode first with the easier options: For instance with the Non-Rotate option and perhaps an easy shape such as Drips. (But there’s also some help from the mode itself: If you join two pieces, as the image/mini-image shows the joined zone in color, it will be easier to guess the location of these pieces in the image).

You can create gift puzzles with the Black & White mode and surprise your friends.

More improvements in the latest new versions:

  • Improved speed of internal processes.
  • Bug fixes.
  • We have been told that in rare configurations the program got stuck for a few seconds, nothing severe but it is fixed now, just in case you had that issue.
Happy Spring!!

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