New version 5.8 of BrainsBreaker

August 10, 2017

Released the version 5.8 of BrainsBreaker jigsaw puzzles. It has many features, some internal that will provide the basement for further developments and others listed next:

Upgrade from BB4 to BB5

There's a pack of 40 puzzles free for users that bought version 4 or older and buy BB5 (valid also if you bought BB5 already). Read more about it here.

Gallery organization

The next screenshot of the gallery (click to enlarge) shows some of the new features to help you to organize your collection of jigsaw puzzles. More details here.


When doing a puzzle it may be fun to see how do other people working the same puzzle. The program now calculates a score of your performance doing the puzzle based on different factors and stores it (with no personal information) on the web. You can see the ranking and check how others do.

The score will be displayed when you finish a game at the bottom of the screen and you can have it at sight while you work the puzzle: In the options (press the key F3 to access them) uncheck "Hide Score". Clicking the score box opens the Score properties. There you can set the name that will be displayed in the rankings, view the ranking of the current puzzle and maybe opt out from the rankings if you are not interested in this.

As the scoring features are new, for some time there will be not many lines on each puzzle's ranking. But hopefully, they will be filling soon as more people install and use this new version so we will have some extra amusement.

* Go to the regular download page to get the new version.

All these features have been designed to not change the way you use the program but provide tools if you need to organize or access better your collection of puzzles. We hope that you may find some useful and/or fun.

As always thank you for your using BB and your support!

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