Free Puzzle: "Vivid Valleys Quilt". A Prelude to our pack "Timeless Tapestries 1"

November 16, 2023

Hello, Puzzle Enthusiasts!

We're happy to present a special treat to brighten up your day. A complimentary jigsaw puzzle, "Vivid Valleys Quilt" for BrainsBreaker. This picturesque puzzle can be played on BrainsBreaker with no limits so anyone having the program, paid or not, can play it at any number of Pieces, even above 1000!

"Vivid Valleys Quilt" offers a glimpse into the "Timeless Tapestries 1" pack, an exquisite selection of puzzles that weave together the beauty of the traditional tapestry patterns with assorted subjects and the joy of puzzling.

Instructions: First make sure you have BrainsBreaker 5 installed, next:

download the puzzle

And when the download is complete double click the downloaded file. That should start the installation into the program. (It will ask on which shelf you want it installed)

Should you find yourself engrossed in the tapestry of colors and craving more, the full "Timeless Tapestries 1" pack awaits, featuring a series of puzzles that promise to enchant and challenge in equal measure.

Happy Puzzling!

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