Mandala gift puzzle

June 6, 2014

This is a gift puzzle (free) of a kaleidoscope, kind of a mandala, made with PhotoEchoes:
*** Click here to download the puzzle

With BrainsBreaker installed, simply click the link below the image and choose "Open with BrainsBreaker". (If you haven't the program yet, please click here to download the demo version in order to play this mandala puzzle).

Being so symmetrical makes a difficult puzzle so we've created it with the pieces the right way up (you don't need to rotate them), but if you own the licensed version you can start it again with your own customizations (shape, number of pieces, rotate, etc). After playing the gift puzzle, if you go to the gallery look for the shelf named “Gift puzzles”, there are stored all the gift puzzles you may have played previously, available to move to other shelves or for playing with your own options.

We hope that this will provide a relaxing and fun experience. Happy weekend!

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