Mystery jigsaw puzzles and a gift puzzle

August 2, 2013

The mystery puzzles provide an additional snag and amusement to the task of solving jigsaw puzzles.

Mystery puzzles are regular jigsaw puzzles, but you will not see the image that makes it. The problem with these is that when you create a puzzle with your image you know the image already so the surprise factor is lost. Anyway the option is there, and you can create a collection of mystery puzzles for later discovery.

The fun begins when installing a “canned” set of puzzles. You can choose to install the set in Mystery mode (at installation time). You can get free sets at the web site or buy the large selected sets from

And you can also create Gift puzzles with the Mystery option for others to enjoy. The receiver of the gift puzzle will have the additional surprise of discovering the image gradually as he is solving the puzzle.

By the way, this is the mystery gift puzzle we created to show the image above. With BrainsBreaker installed, choose Open or double click the file when downloaded and have fun!

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