New packs of puzzles: "Crazy Patterns 2" and "Rural Motives 1"

July 28, 2014

We've just published 2 new sets of canned jigsaw puzzles for sale:

Rural Motives 1

Country and rural motives, relaxing images to play alone or with kids. With animals such as horses or piglets, farmhouses, field tools.... And a good choice to install them in mystery mode and guess what may be the image (when installing the set notice the option to install it in mystery mode). Take a look at the thumbnails of the pack here.

Crazy Patterns 2

This set is very challenging, with repeated patterns in all the jigsaw puzzles. In most cases, the sorting of pieces by color won't be as effective as usual, causing you to focus on other approaches to solve the puzzles, which can be very interesting. It contains some close up images of everyday objects or food (some of them very yummy by the way ;) as well as other pictures with strong and vibrant colors. See the full pack here.

Both of them are made of 25 puzzles and cost only $9.25.

Good stuff to carry if you go on vacation and great also to stay fresh and comfy at home doing puzzles!
Keep enjoying!

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