"Sort pieces by color" version officially launched

May 2, 2014

You can download the new version 5.4.0 of BrainsBreaker jigsaw puzzles.

Public release of the recent preview we posted in this blog, with final polishing and more robust internally. Let's summarize the features:

  • Scatter grouping by color: Specially useful feature when working with many pieces. You can set it when you start a new puzzle (this way the pieces will be sorted at the beginning), or you can switch it on and off while solving the puzzle (pressing R to access the Scattering options, checking or unchecking the option and then, scatter the pieces).

  • Click-Release for dragging: When you pick a piece with the mouse, you can choose here what it will do when you release the mouse button. *Never: will drop the piece, *Always: will keep the piece picked and *Depends -the default- will apply some “intelligence”: If you release it quickly after picking it will keep the piece picked but if you release after some time and motion it will drop the piece. (This option is in the General Options, pressing F3).

Download the new version here and keep enjoying your jigsaw puzzles!

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