Trays to organize pieces

July 16, 2013

BrainsBreaker has several virtual trays to organize pieces as you need (by color, shape or any criterion). You can think of them as having several additional screens easily accessible, on small screens such in laptops it’s specially useful.

There are different ways to open a tray:
  • The fastest is pressing its number in the keyboard, for example, pressing 1 will open the Tray #1.
  • Alternatively you can open a tray by double clicking its icon (the icons located at the bottom right of the screen).

The same process will close the trays, either pressing its number key or double-clicking its background.

To move pieces into a tray, simply open it, move the pieces inside it and drop the pieces. Then you can close the tray, the pieces will remain there freeing space in the main board and available at any time simply opening again that tray.

You can place several pieces into a tray at once: Select several pieces with the selection rectangle (click the mouse on the board, drag it to highlight the pieces you want, release the mouse) and then click inside the selection and move all the pieces into the open tray.

Additionally there is a shortcut to move pieces to trays quickly and even not having to open them: Pont over a piece with the mouse and press the key Alt+the number of it. This will send that piece to the tray. This method is specially useful when starting a new puzzle while you do the first organization of pieces.

Resizing the trays: You can change the size of the trays by just clicking their borders and dragging the mouse. The minimum size of a tray is determined by the pieces inside it: You can not reduce a tray so the pieces inside would be out of its boundaries.

You can also Maximize a tray (since version Press the key Tab when the tray is open. This way it will occupy the whole screen, so you have the maximum available space. Tab again will restore it to its regular position.

And finally you can scatter the pieces in a tray: Click the background of the tray and press Control+R (cmd+R on Mac) in your keyboard.

Happy jigsaw puzzle piece sorting and organization with the trays!

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