New set of puzzles "Flying and flowers 1"

September 18, 2017

Announcing a new pack of 40 puzzles, this time the subject is flying, a galore of colors and shapes. It also contains some flowers to complement.

Here you can see / order the new pack

40 stunning pictures of assorted subjects having the flying ability in common.

The pack "Flying and Flowers 1" , ready to play in the gallery:

If you have the latest version (5.8) of BrainsBreaker maybe you have already noticed that new pack offered in the gallery. Now, in the gallery of the program, you have a shopping cart to order that pack (and optionally more packs in a single order)

And with the button below you can proceed to buy in the classical way:

Buy now the new pack

Much Love to all the users and fans of BrainsBreaker from yours truly jigsaw puzzle producers!

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