Version 5.8.2, searching lost BB's jigsaw puzzles

July 18, 2018

From time to time someone emails us because, after changing computers or erasing the hard disk, misses the jigsaw puzzles they created. Our reply was always to perform a raw search on the old disk for puzzle-files.

In the newest version 5.8.2 there's a feature to help with this. You can find it in the gallery options (that gear wheel near the bottom right), it's "Search puzzles in your disk".

What it will do is scanning either the whole disk(s) or the folder you choose (and folders contained within) looking for puzzle files that might be left from an older installation or whatever.

As scanning the disk is an arduous job and it may take quite some time, the feature allows hiding the window so you can continue working your jigsaw puzzles. When it finishes it will pop up again with the results.

If it has found any puzzle files it will show a list of the folders that contain them and selecting each one will display the puzzles found. From there you can recover either the whole folder of specific puzzles moving them to the shelf you choose. (Maybe as a caution you can create a new empty shelf where to place the puzzles found and later organize them)

Not a feature for everyday use but we hope it may help someone to recover some fond memory.

You can update your version * here * if you have the license of BB5 and users of BB4, remember the offer of a free large set of puzzles if you buy BB5.

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