Using the mouse with your left hand

May 12, 2019

This is an old post already published here back in 2013 but it's so interesting, especially to people that use intensively BrainsBreaker, that it may be worth to recall and revisit.

Starting with the conclusion, using the mouse with your non-dominant hand has these benefits:

  • As the brain continually learns and adapts, that's a really great opportunity to put these faculties at work, perhaps after many years of routine.
  • Physical stress relief of your dominant hand/arm. The grip of the mouse is intense and with much time it may induce injuries, not in the hand only but all way back to the shoulder.
  • Breaking routines puts you in a mental state more awaken.
  • It's fun!

BrainsBreaker is the ideal software to practice at your own pace!

You may find literature about it here.

And that's the revived old post (scroll down for a free gift jigsaw puzzle)

Have you ever tried to use the mouse with your left hand (or right if you are left-handed)?

You will feel clumsy like a baby learning to walk. But that's good, very good, it means you have room for learning. The brain is able to create new paths and connexions no matter your age so an activity like this may awake zones that could have been inactive during much time.

Try some time daily, BrainsBreaker is ideal for this, an added difficulty to your jigsaw puzzles and an additional trick to be on the alert.

And it has a reward.... Did you know that you can install two mice in the computer? Two mice and your new ability to use the left hand to move the mouse is quite useful and even fun. You are free to use any hand when you decide so. Quite productive and a fresh stimulus for some rusty brain zones.

And another one: It can relieve stress of the usual hand stiffen on the mouse, giving it a rest while you use the alternate one.

And as we didn't find an image to illustrate the idea, lets put a puzzle of mice :-)

With BrainsBreaker installed, choose "Open" or double click the file when downloaded.

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