Free Jigsaw Puzzles

for Pc and Mac!

These are free jigsaw puzzles created with BrainsBreaker 5 and ready to play.
You only need to have BrainsBreaker 5 installed (the evaluation version is enough), downloadable here.
Once installed, just click any of the images below and the jigsaw puzzle will start.

Cloudy free jigsaw puzzle

Shape: Classic
Pieces: 48 - Rotable

Fireworks free jigsaw puzzle

Shape: Cubist
Pieces: 48 - Rotable

Colored flowers free puzzle

Colored Flowers
Shape: Drips
Pieces: 54 - Rotable

Mystery free jigsaw puzzle

Mystery mode
(you don't know the image until solved)
Shape: Classic
Pieces: 45 - No rotable

Mountain landscape puzzle

Mountain Landscape
Shape: Patches
Pieces: 54 - Rotable

White cat gift puzzle

White Cat
Shape: Drips
Pieces: 35 - Rotable

Balconies free jigsaw puzzle

Shape: Cubist
Pieces: 77 - No rotable

Rainbow free puzzle

Shape: Classic
Pieces: 60 - No rotable

Create your jigsaw puzzles like these with your favorite images.
Enjoy them or even pass the file to your friends so they can play the puzzle (they will need to install the program).

Have fun!

Copyright © Juan Trujillo 2015.