New pack of puzzles "Christmas 5"

December 15, 2017

The flavour of Christmas holidays is on the air: we almost hear the noise of unwrapping gifts, the aroma of delicious dinners... And our traditional pack of Xmas puzzles is already here!

For only $4.95 you get 25 beautiful pictures with the Christmas spirit. Hurry up, it will be available only until the first week of 2018!

Here you can see / order the Christmas set

By the way, you can order from the program itself and get more than one pack in a single order: With the current version of BrainsBreaker you have a shopping cart in the gallery: Click the title above the shelves and choose "Missing packs". Then select some pack and push the button "Add to cart", repeat until you are satisfied. When you are done push "Checkout" and be ready for a flood of stunning jigsaw puzzles!

See how looks the new "Christmas 5" set installed in the gallery:

Buy the new pack here


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