Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

November 21, 2017

We feel grateful every day, but there are special times, such as now, when we celebrate and express our thankfulness. So here goes our gratitude, as always, with a jigsaw puzzle.
As you work the puzzle, you'll reveal a greeting hidden in the picture.

If you are new to BrainsBreaker (Welcome!). First, you need to install the free trial of the software. (Only if you do not have BrainsBreaker 5 already. If you have it, skip this and click the button below to download the puzzle)

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(With the trial program you get a bunch of free assorted jigsaw puzzles. Once installed, you can play this gift puzzle by clicking the link below and choosing "Open with BrainsBreaker" if prompted.
Download the Thanksgiving puzzle

Have a joyful Thanksgiving day!

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