New set of puzzles "Colorful Closeups 1"

July 22, 2015

Ready for a new batch of colorful puzzles? There is a new addition to the sets, the "Colorful Closeups 1" pack with 40 beautiful and carefully selected photos.

Have a look / get the pack here

This set is very assorted, with the common particularity that all the images are shot very close. Lots of small details to be discovered in the images.

If you got fan of the mystery puzzles, notice that these packs can be installed in mystery mode too. Solving will be more challenging and surprising. Notice that if, after installing in mystery mode, you change your mind, you can reinstall the set of puzzles in regular (non-mystery) mode. The option to install in mystery mode is available when you start the installation in the small window that appears.

The "Colorful Closeups 1" pack already installed in the gallery looks like this:
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