Free puzzle: "The Glass of Wine" by Vermeer

September 15, 2014

A special pleasure is doing a jigsaw puzzle with a work of Art. The concentration, the beauty, when the piece fits, all together make a unique experience. Try one with a few free hours ahead, 200 or more pieces and get lost in it. Don't forget to come back :)

This is a free puzzle of a painting by the baroque painter Johannes Vermeer: The Glass of Wine. You can complete this puzzle for free with any number of pieces.

If you are new to BrainsBreaker first you need to install the software. (Only if you don't have BrainsBreaker 5 already. If you have it already skip this and click the link below to download the puzzle):

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(With the trial program you will get a bunch of free assorted jigsaw puzzles. Once you have installed it you can install this art puzzle by clicking the following link and choosing "Open with BrainsBreaker".

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Have a nice week!

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