EmptyHeights Mystery Quote jigsaw puzzle

July 3, 2015

Wow, another week has passed. So many things to do but there's always time for a quick jigsaw puzzle, it's a trick to elongate time. This one may help creating also some room somewhere...

The mystery puzzle has 96 rotable pieces with the Vintage shape. As always, you can redo it with your own options, simply opening the master puzzle from the "Gift Puzzles" shelf.

( If you don't have BrainsBreaker 5, first you need to install the Demo software, it's safe, easy and free: Download+install it here and then come back to open the gift puzzle. Once you have installed BrainsBreaker 5 you will be able to play all these free puzzles ).

Click here to download the gift puzzle

We hope you enjoy it and if so, spread the word!

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