New version

February 4, 2014

Available the new version with:

  • Now you can manage all the sounds of the program through the new tab “Sounds”: To access it, press F3 and choose the tab "Sounds" at the top of the Options. You can adjust the general volume of the sounds and/or mute some of them. And you can assign new sounds to the events in the program, choosing some audio file on your disk (a file in wav format uncompressed).
  • Related to sounds, we have added a slot for the completion of the puzzle with a sound that you can reconfigure as the others.

    And some more to improve the comfort while doing your jigsaw puzzles:

  • When you load a new puzzle you can choose the number of pieces typing it (apart of choosing one of the predefined levels). Now, if you type some value on that “custom level” the program will display a checkable option "Remember next time". If checked, the next time you start a new puzzle, BrainsBreaker will remember that number. (The idea is that just pressing Enter would start the new puzzle with the same settings -including the custom level value- as the previous puzzle you started).

  • Added the new shortcut Alt+W for sending pieces to the solution frame. It works like the option for sending pieces to trays, but instead of pressing Alt+the_number_of_the_tray, you have to press Alt+W and the piece will go to the solution frame.

Download the new version here and enjoy the new features! Thank you all for your suggestions and constant support!

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