Preview of a new version with a new feature to sort pieces by color

April 11, 2014

We have almost ready a new version of BrainsBreaker. (This is a premiere, not yet officially published. The download is here for those of you that don't want to wait the release and feel comfortable testing the software).

It has a new feature quite useful, especially when working puzzles with many pieces. When the program scatters the pieces it will sort them by color, making easier the usual first task of selecting pieces by color.
It’s an option that you can set or reset when starting a new jigsaw puzzle, below the option to “Not rotate pieces” there’s the new one “Scatter grouping by color”. If you check it the new puzzle will start with the pieces sorted by color (and that option will remain checked for the next puzzles you start).
While doing the puzzle you can switch the option on an off: Press R to access the “Scattering options”, check/uncheck the option and press Scatter. (This can be useful if you started the puzzle with non-scattering-by-color but later you want it sorted by color).
This version also adds a general option to control how it behaves when you pick a piece. The option is named “Click+Release for dragging” (it’s in the General options, accessed pressing the F3 key or from the menu).

The version is ready to be officially published but first we wanted to show it to the readers here and see what you think of it or if you have any issue. You can download it here (notice that it is not the regular download page).

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