Benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

April 12, 2016

Doing jigsaw puzzles, apart from entertaining has many benefits: Works your brain abilities, both sides, the creative to imagine the finished image and the logical to work the pieces.

Exercises concentration, attention, patience, analysis, planning, memory, aesthetics, and much more. They also provide some kind of conscious rest letting the mind rambling among the mess of pieces and suddenly finding a match.

It can be even seen as a form of meditation as analyzing a puzzle and pondering solutions stimulates and at the same time relaxes the brain.

Get the software (Mac and Windows)

BrainsBreaker first goal is trying to match this kind of advantages and experience on a computer game. A great toy for all ages, from very young kids up to no limit with benefits for each case.

We are fond of our testimonials page as there is reflected from real experience these and other benefits.

If you haven't tried BrainsBreaker feel free to do so, the trial is safe and with no compromise. Download the program here, it will run in Evaluation mode allowing to complete a bunch puzzles. It's compatible with Mac and Windows.

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