Easter greetings!

March 18, 2016

Wishing you a bright Spring and a Happy Easter.

Enjoy the holidays with a new free jigsaw puzzle, 96 Vintage pieces in rotate mode. A bit more difficult than usual as in the Vintage cut, the pieces look very similar. You will need to work based on colors:

(If you don't have BrainsBreaker 5, first you need to install the Demo software, it's safe, easy and free: Download+install it here and then come back to open the gift puzzle. Once you have installed BrainsBreaker 5 you will be able to play all these free puzzles).

Download the Easter puzzle

By the way, have you noticed that when you play one of these Gift puzzles they are stored and kept on a shelf in the gallery? That special shelf is named "- Gift puzzles - it's at the bottom of the list of shelves. From that shelf you can reload the gift puzzles in many different variations as the other regular puzzles. You can choose the number of pieces, shape, Black and White mode, etc.

Enjoy and share the fun!

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