About Abstract Jigsaw Puzzles (and a puzzle!)

June 19, 2013

Have you ever tried abstract, unrecognizable images for your puzzles?
it's a different experience.

The image on the left was created with the program PhotoEchoes (from the author of BB). It's kind of a digital kaleidoscope that uses the pictures on your computer to build this type of images, display them animated on the screen and allows capturing them as the one above. (The image at the right was used to create the one at the left)

And here is a jigsaw puzzle from the image above, ready to install into BrainsBreaker: Click this link and -if prompted- choose "Open" or "Open with BrainsBreaker" (the wording may vary depending on your system). If nothing happens, you may need to double click the downloaded file. BrainsBreaker should start asking on what shelf you want the puzzle.

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