BrainsBreaker in a shared computer

March 14, 2014

Are there more than one person using BB at the same computer? BrainsBreaker provides several features to have your games in progress safe from others to play or erase.

  • Save as: You can assign a title, player and/or password to a saved game. To access it, press Ctrl+S (or cmd+S on Macs) while a puzzle is loaded; it will appear a window where you can type these details. Warning: Make sure to remember the password, otherwise, you won’t be able to recover the saved game.
(Notice that this is an option to provide extra functionality, if you don't need to keep the puzzles safe from others, it's not necessary to use this because the program saves automatically all the games you start)

Additionally, having assigned a player’s name to the game, you can use the “Player” search feature in the gallery: click on it to see the players with puzzles on the active shelf and choose the desired one. And, also in the gallery, you can use the “Find” option to locate puzzles in the current shelf by their title: press Ctrl+F (or cmd+F on Macs) and type some text, the gallery will display puzzles with a title matching what you typed. (This works on saved games and also to locate master puzzles).

  • Private folder:Another way to have puzzles out of sight from others is using the Private shelves. When you create a new shelf in the gallery, you can check the option “Private”. This will create that shelf in a non-shared folder only accessible to your user so other users won’t even see the shelf (Notice that this feature is based on the users managed by Windows or Mac OS. In order to work it requires that nobody else logs on your computer with the same user).

  • Removable media: Similar to private, when creating a new shelf you have the option "Secondary shelf". Wiht this checked the shelf will be created in a folder placed in removable media, so the shelves created there are only available if you have that media in the computer. Detailed description of this one is in this previous post.
Notice that the two last options are useful to "hide" master jigsaw puzzles (not only saved games) from other users of the computer.

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