Easter greetings & Happy Spring jigsaw puzzle

March 21, 2014

$cat unknown variable name Soon it will be Easter (less than a month from now!), and maybe some of you are already working on your Easter decorations.

With BrainsBreaker you can send Easter greetings to your friends and family with a jigsaw puzzle, an original and fun way:
The procedure is very easy:

The first step is to choose the image: if you are talented with crafts and are creating some cool decorations, maybe you want to use them also for your greeting puzzle, or you can simply choose a picture with some clear space for some text in its composition.

In any case, once you've chosen your image, then you are ready to create the jigsaw puzzle (remember that you can drag the image file over the BrainsBreaker's icon on the desktop or choose the "Create new puzzle" option in the gallery or in the right click menu if you are solving a puzzle). Once you've started the puzzle-creation screen, click the "Gift" tab and start to customize the puzzle as you want. But before hitting "Save" watch the "Add text to the image" button:
This is what you need if you want to type a greeting message in the puzzle; it's a good tool as it allows adding details to a puzzle, either for greeting and send the puzzle and also for your own puzzles as you can add different texts with different colors... even you could create flat images filled with texts...
Back to the creation of the gift puzzle, when you are done, to send it you can attach the file to an email or even upload it to a website. In any case, the recipients need to know that in order to play, they will have to download and install the program (The free evaluation. It requires only 2 minutes or less and then they will be able to play all your gift puzzles, and by the way take a look at the program if they want).

So, you can start preparing your Easter greeting jigsaw puzzles, an original and different way to wish happiness... It's almost as fun as solving them! ;)

And you can download the Sunflower jigsaw puzzle of the image above here, customized to celebrate the Spring!!

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