OceanSize free puzzle.

February 26, 2016

Busy times here. We are working intensely in an almost new thing for tablets. Handling a jigsaw puzzle without a keyboard or a mouse, only touch, is quite a challenge, especially if you want to keep the ease of use and features of BB (the big brother :-). If things go well we will be even able to work casual puzzles on a phone in a comfortable and fun way.

We took a break to say hello and prepare one of the mystery quote jigsaw puzzles, with 99 rotable pieces (Patches shape), quite a challenge for the weekend!

(If you don't have BrainsBreaker 5, first you need to install the Demo software, it's safe, easy and free: Download+install it here and then come back to open the gift puzzle. Once you have installed BrainsBreaker 5 you will be able to play all these free puzzles).

Download the free puzzle

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