New Christmas pack of puzzles

December 10, 2013

The countdown to Christmas has started and for those who love this time of year we have added a special set of puzzles to enjoy this holiday season also with jigsaw puzzles.
This Christmas set is at a special price of $4.95 (includes 25 puzzles) and will be available until December 31.

You can buy it at and you may take a look to the other large sets if you haven't seen them yet. We are working on new sets that will be available in the next weeks.

By the way, notice that you can order BrainsBreaker as a gift for someone else: just order as if it were for you but add a comment while ordering with the word "gift" and the name & email address of the receiver. We will spot the comment and send the email with the activation code to the recipient with a note saying that is a present from you.

We wish you a calm and fun pre-Christmas time!

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