New release

December 21, 2013

We’ve launched a new release with:

  • Favorite backgrounds: you can save the design of the backgrounds to use easily in other puzzles (right click in one of the slots of the “Favorites” section to save it, and left click to load it).

  • Added two new keyboard shortcuts: Pressing the M key you can show or hide the mini image. And the V key will do "Solution Frame here" (when the image of the puzzle is displayed - by pressing the space bar-, the solution frame will be moved to the current location of the image).
  • The thumbnails of the gallery in the “Alt” mode show the time spent in a puzzle (on thumbnails of saved games).

  • Crosshair in the center of the Loupe when in fixed mode (represents the exact location of the mouse).
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Merry Midwinter to you all!

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