New release with renewed sounds

October 22, 2015

$cat unknown variable name New minor release 5.7.1 available to download.

There's a new set of sounds to choose while playing, milder than the previous. If when working your hard jigsaw puzzle you felt the sounds in the program were too much, the new ones will provide a different sensation. (Of course you can always mute all the sounds but these are quite more subtle).

To activate or deactivate the new ones, press F3 and select the "Sounds" tab. Here you can select the Soft sounds (this is the new set) or the Intense (the old ones).

Notice that in this window you can adjust more details related to the sounds:

  • The volume.
  • Mute, if you don't want to hear a sound in a certain event.
  • Choose a different sound file of your own collection for a particular event.

Download the new release

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