New version: sorting options and mystery additions

October 2, 2015

$cat unknown variable name Just launched the new version 5.7, this is a summary:

  • In the gallery, now you can sort the puzzles by different criteria. Until now, the puzzles were sorted alphabetically by their title. Now additionally you can choose to sort them by the last date you worked that puzzle, either in ascending or descending order (the puzzles you did not work yet are grouped and sorted by title).

    By the way, when you try this feature you can take a look also to the different modes of display of the puzzles in the gallery. Check the options Alt and Break (at the right above the bottom row of buttons). The option "Break" reserves at least one row for each puzzle and its saved games, so it's a clear display. (We talked about it in this blog post).

  • If you install the packs of puzzles (free or paid) in mystery mode, now, in the gallery itself, you have the option to revert that setting for a particular puzzle: Point to the mouse to the thumbnail of that puzzle and click the right button.

    With the same procedure you can turn a puzzle into mystery, not much use if you will play the puzzle, but sure someone will find it useful, for example preparing the puzzle for someone else.

  • And with mystery puzzles, if the titles of the puzzles are too much of a clue for you, you can even hide their titles: Go to the Advanced options (Press the F3 key and click the tab Advanced) and look there "No title in Mystery puzzles".

  • Download this latest version

    We hope that you like the new features, here we keep working on new offerings that hopefully we will see quite soon...

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