Experience the thrill of jigsaw puzzles on your computer

Dive into a safe and comfortable experience.
It is like playing classical cardboard jigsaw puzzles and with many advantages. Free trial, lots of fun!

random piece of a real jigsaw puzzle
jigsaw puzzle piece
random sample of a piece


thumbnail:BrainsBreaker computer jigsaw puzzles
  • See and feel the pieces and the picture as you would expect from a real jigsaw puzzle.
  • Create new puzzles with any image visible on your screen.
  • Play any puzzle from 4 up to as many pieces as you want, even more than one thousand (limited only by the size of your screen).
  • Different shapes, each with its challenge and beauty.
  • Advanced features for the hardest jigsaw puzzles:
    • Trays to store and organize pieces temporarily.
    • Move simultaneously groups of pieces.
    • Work first the pieces of the edge only.
    • It even has a realistic magnifying glass to inspect the status of the game in detail.
  • Save your job and continue it whenever you want.
  • Create gift puzzles of your photos and share them with family, friends and the World.
Fun for all ages!

Email - if you have any questions. picture of a piece