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The Ultimate Computer Jigsaw Puzzle Experience

Unleash the Jigsaw Puzzle Thrill on Your Computer with BrainsBreaker. BrainsBreaker is a cutting-edge computer jigsaw puzzle software that brings the classic cardboard puzzle experience to your computer.

jigsaw puzzle. random sample piece
jigsaw puzzle. random sample piece
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Immersive Puzzle Experience

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  • Enjoy the realistic feel of a physical jigsaw puzzle with high-quality images and lifelike puzzle pieces.
  • Create new puzzles from any image visible on your screen.
  • Play puzzles from 4 pieces to over a thousand (limited only by your screen size).
  • Choose from different shapes, each with its challenge and charm.

Advanced Puzzle-Solving Tools

  • Virtual Trays to store and organize pieces temporarily.
  • Move groups of pieces. simultaneously.
  • Work first the pieces of the edge.
  • Inspect the puzzle in detail with a realistic magnifying glass feature.

Seamless Jigsaw Puzzle Experience

  • Save your progress and continue it at any time.
  • Create gift puzzles of your photos and share them with family and friends.
  • Play comfortably and safely at home, offline or online, without worrying about pets or kids spilling the pieces! :-)

BrainsBreaker is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts of all levels and ages

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