Jigsaw puzzle game for Pc and Mac computers. Challenge Relax and Fun

Enjoy the experience of doing jigsaw puzzles comfortably and safely on your computer. If you like puzzles, visual arts, intellectual challenges, concentration practice or relaxing activities try the free evaluation of BrainsBreaker and discover why so many people delight in doing the puzzles.

random jigsaw piece sample

Do not miss these features:

  • The jigsaw puzzles can be played with as many pieces as you want, even more than one thousand.
  • Different shapes, each with its own challenge and beauty.
  • Create new puzzles with your photos with no limit.
  • Advanced features for the hardest puzzles:
    • Trays to store and organize pieces temporarily.
    • Move simultaneously groups of pieces.
    • Work first the pieces of the edge only.
    • Resize  the jigsaw puzzle "on the fly."
    • It even has a realistic magnifying glass to inspect the status of the game with detail.
  • Leave and resume your puzzle whenever you want, the program takes care of saving the state.
  • Create gift puzzles of your photos and share them with family, friends and the World.
  • Play comfortably and safely at home, doesn't matter if you are offline or online. Neither cats, dogs nor babies will spill the pieces! :-)

puzzle piece jigsaw sample

An always exciting experience
for jigsaw puzzle lovers of all ages.

Have fun and thank you for your visit!
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