These are extracts of unsolicited messages received from
jigsaw puzzle players using BrainsBreaker around the World


I play this just about every day, have added lots of my own puzzles and would be lost without it. Many thanks for your hard work in designing this.


BrainsBreaker is one of the main things that keeps me calm during all the covid lockdown.

Judi - USA

Thank you for the best jig saw puzzle game I have ever seen.

Lars - Denmark

jigsaw single piece 1 clas0017.png

I LOVE this puzzle game & I play it a LOT!!! I have owned it for years & it keeps my mind working (I am 73 years young)...they say older people should do puzzle games & I have loved jigsaw puzzles my entire life & yours is the best...

Ellen - USA

Your jigsaw puzzle game is the BEST ever and I honestly say this because I have tried them all LoL. I find the game very relaxing for me and it helps my over active old brain to unwind at the end of the day.
Relaxing and very therapeutic.

Hilary - Australia

I really cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your program over the years and now with the virus going around and trying to stay home without going crazy with nothing to do this program is really appreciated :)

Susan - USA

jigsaw single piece clas0017.png clas0009.pngjigsaw single piece clas0017.png simp0008.pngjigsaw single piece clas0017.png simp0011.png

These puzzles are very enjoyable. Can't stop playing in my spare time. What 'spare' time?? Keep up the good work.

Vivianne - USA

My 75 year old mother loves your game. Mum was so addicted to it she actually broke the mouse button of my brother's Toshiba computer.

Ian - UK

Thanks for many years of fun - my husband and I often fight over the computer to see who can relax with a puzzle for the evening.


I have had this game for years. It is by far the best one of its kind out there and has given me numerous hours of pleasure.


jigsaw single piece simp0011.png drip0027.png

Very cool program, exactly what i was looking for, for a reasonable price. Thank you. :)


I have recommended this puzzle to so many people and they have used it. This puzzle program is the closest to the real jigsaw puzzles I have ever found except you don't lose the pieces and you don't have to clean them up after completing.

I have purchased many games over the past twenty years, but if I had to give up all of them but one, I would choose to keep BrainsBreaker. It is by far my favorite.


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My job is very stressful and one of the best ways I have to relax is playing your puzzle program. Of all the jigsaw programs I have tried, none can hold a candle to what you have done. So thank you for all the good night sleeps I have had :-)

Maureen O - CT USA

I would like to just say 'Thank You' for such a wonderful program! It's the first (and probably only) game I have purchased over the net and I am so impressed by the quality, the ability to make a picture any size that allows me to satisfy 10 minutes.... or 10 hours! You have got the whole family hooked. Thank you.

Anita B - UK

Just want to tell you purchasing BrainsBreaker was one of my better investiments we have really enjoyed it.


I am an amateur photographer and really enjoy creating and assembling my pictures using your program.


jigsaw single piece simp0044.png clas0015.png

Great way to do jigsaw puzzles without having the cat knock the pieces under the sofa.

Paula M. - IN USA

I have your brainsbreaker full version, and I think it is really great. I have fun doing the puzzles, as they are challenging, cute, pretty and different. I'm glad I found a web site that led me to your puzzles. Thanks for the fun!

Lisa D. - Canada

I loved this program on our old PC and I am so glad to have it on our new Mac


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There's a lot I like about it - the locking of edges, scatter by colour, & much more. The locking of pieces is amazing.


I love this game, helps me relax for bed.