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Chasing images to create new jigsaw puzzles for BrainsBreaker

Please first download and install the program
(Here is a simple tutorial on how to turn any photo into a puzzle).

Searching images to make jigsaw puzzles can be a funny activity.
In this page you will find some interesting sites with assorted images.
Please, employ all the photos you'll find only for personal use and respecting the owner's copyright.

If you see a small image on any of the sites click on it to show the big one that you need for the puzzle.

Would you like large sets of puzzles ready to install with a great selection of images?
Optionally instalable in "Mystery mode"

Buy additional sets of puzzles in a single download

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These search engines have a facility for searching images:

For example click below and try your favorite movie title:
find images for jigsaw puzzles in Google

(or your favorite cartoon, painter, theme, pet... anything)

Sites with great photos, paintings & assorted images

PhotoEchoes kaleidoscope

PhotoEchoes kaleidoscope

Captures from a kaleidoscope
Challenging and beautiful!

great photos

Celebrating the splendor and variety of the natural and human heritage of planet Earth

Norman Koren's photography

Mastering the art and technique of photography, Norman Koren's web site has stunning photos and also great tutorials about photography

Weather underground

The Weather Underground

Find the weather in any place in the world
with lots of colorful photos 

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claude monet

The Monet gallery at artquotes.net

scenics and surrealistics

Visit the unique landscapes and photosurrealistic images created by
Steve Berlin

(c) FreeFoto.com

FreeFoto is a Free Photograph Library, 
Great images of all kinds!

European painting and sculpture

Web Gallery of Art
A virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, currently containing over 12,100 reproductions

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Electronic Art

Gallery of Electronic Art by GiottoFilms

(a lost photon in the flow of electric current)

NASA deep space

Hubble site
Spectacular color pictures of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and more.  

Look the Hubble wallpaper collection


Virtual Scenery at VisualParadox.com

NASA deep space

Journey to the deep space with the NSSDC Photo Gallery (NASA)


And also

Web Museum. Here is a great collection of paintings
(You can practice some art restoration ;-)

Assorted underwater pics at scuba pictures photo contest

Photos by Todd Adams

Google image search (click advanced image search for more options)




Play a jigsaw puzzle with the smile of Mona Lisa










Computer jigsaw puzzles, relax beauty and fun











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