Frequently Asked Questions about BrainsBreaker jigsaw puzzles

Is the price listed a one time fee or is it a monthly fee?

It's a one time fee for a license of the software with no time limit. For $19.95 you have the ability to create puzzles forever (you can always have new puzzles available as you can create them with any picture visible on your screen).

I bought the program in the past, but I need to install the program and I can not find the email you sent. What can I do?

If you bought the program's license in the last five years, or purchased any additional set of puzzles in this time, we will resend your activation code. Please email - and tell us your name, the email and home addresses you had at the time you ordered and also the approximate date of your purchase and we will email you your activation code.

Can I send jigsaw puzzles to my relatives/friends?

Yes, BrainsBreaker allows creating special gift jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles can be played for free by the receivers of the puzzles. To create them in the program you have to use your own pictures, the procedure is the same as to create a regular puzzle, just look the "Gift puzzle" option in the screen. You will need to tell the receivers of these puzzles to install BrainsBreaker (the free trial) once from (this provides the software engine needed to run the jigsaw puzzle at their computer)

How comes that I can not send the exe gift puzzles that I created with the program?

The stand-alone gift puzzles were in fact a software program containing the puzzle. This was the way the gift puzzles were created in old incarnations of BrainsBreaker.

Sending an executable by email now is not allowed by the email systems, they block sending them for security reasons. It makes sense because someone could make a malicious program that for example could erase your hard disk and disguise it as some other type of program (for example a puzzle or whatever).

BrainsBreaker gift puzzles now are generated without the software, just the puzzle. The only inconvenience is that the receivers will need to install the software themselves. This provides much more security because the program is signed, has passed security tests and is installed through the regular procedure and eliminates the problems when sending the puzzles.

An additional advantage of this system is that now people with Mac computers can play the gift puzzles too.

So, to send the gift puzzles you only have to tell your friends to download the program from and install it. Then you can send them the puzzles you create with BB5 and they will open directly.

I want to order BrainsBreaker as a gift for someone else. Is this possible?

Sure, just order as if it were for you (enter your name and addresses) but add a comment in the order saying "This is a gift for" and his name and email address. We will email the activation code to the person you specify saying that is a gift from you.

I don't know how to create puzzles with my photos...

If you have the photos in jpeg files (the most usual format) just drag the file over the program's icon and it should start with the screen for creating a new puzzle with that image.

The other method is "copying the image to the Clipboard".
For example, follow the steps below and you will have a new puzzle with what you are seeing now (this text, a rather bizarre jigsaw puzzle but interesting experiment):

1win) On Pc+Windows: Press the "Print Screen" key (it's at the right of F12 in most keyboards).
1mac) On Mac: Press the keys Control+Command+Shift+3 simultaneously (more info here).
2) Run BrainsBreaker and it will show a message window saying "Image detected in the Clipboard, do you want to create a puzzle?". Press the "Create a new puzzle" button.
3) The program will enter in the jigsaw creation screen: You'll see the screen as it was when you pressed "Print screen" and, at the right-bottom, a window where to choose the features for the new puzzle.
4) Before hitting Save, you can crop to select only the part that will be actually the puzzle. To do it, click the mouse and drag it, you'll see a rectangle that shrinks and grows. The inner of that rectangle will be the actual image of the puzzle.
5) Now click on the Save button, and you should see the new puzzle available in the gallery.

You can do this same procedure whenever you have in the screen something interesting to be "puzzled".

I want to backup the jigsaw puzzles I have, where are the files?

To locate the folders where the program stores the puzzles right click a shelf in the gallery. This will offer an option to open the corresponding folder.

The shelf named BrainsBreaker is special because its folder contains the other folders/shelves.

There might be other folders to backup if you created shelves with the option "Private" or "Secondary" (right clicking the shelf will give you the folder, just notice that these are not contained in the folder of the BrainsBreaker shelf).

Can I choose the location of the play area to solve the puzzle?

There's an option for choosing if you want the solution frame in the center or in the right top corner: Load any puzzle, press the key F3 and check the option "Solution frame centered", the current puzzle and the next ones you load will have the frame in the middle of the screen.
Notice that there's also a way to put the solution frame at any place you choose: With a puzzle loaded press the space bar to show the sample image, then move it where you want the frame, right click the mouse over the image and select "Solution frame here" or alternatively press the key V.

I want to have the task bar at the bottom visible while I play the puzzles, is that possible?

Yes, the program can run in a regular window. To set it in windowed mode, press the key F (or press the key F3 and in the window that appears uncheck the button "Full Screen"). The program will then run as a regular window that can be resized at your convenience or maximized leaving the task bar visible. You can switch the FullScreen / Windowed mode at any time by pressing the key F.

Is there a way to have always the same background playing the puzzles?

Yes, you can set a background you like to be set on any puzzle you start: While playing a puzzle open the Background window (press B). Near the bottom, there's a checkable option named "Program's default", click it. From now on any puzzle you start will have this background. You can set also default backgrounds when creating a new puzzle, for each tray, etc. In any place of the program where you can access the Background window, you will be able to setup a default background that will be in use in that same place.

How could I save the puzzles to flash memory or a CDROM?

The puzzles are stored as single files; each puzzle correspond to a file and also each saved game is stored in a single file too. You can inspect the contents of the folder containing the puzzle files (since version 4.6 of the program): In the gallery of the program right click one of the thumbnails and it will appear a pop-up menu, choose the option "Open containing folder".
Notice that the shelves could help to organize the puzzles, you could move the puzzles you want to transfer to a CD to an specific shelf, open the corresponding folder and then saving the files to a CDROM. The same in the inverse direction.

I was able to make the pieces so that they were all the correct way up (they did not need to rotate) but now the pieces always turn.

The program has a feature for doing the puzzles with the pieces "all way up". In the program's version 3.3 and higher,  when you start a puzzle it appears a window where you can choose the level or number of pieces, the shape, etc. Check "Do not rotate" pieces (below the number of pieces) if you want the pieces correctly rotated at startup.

Is it possible to delete a puzzle?

Yes, to delete a puzzle select it on the gallery (with a single click) and press "Delete" in your keyboard or the button in the gallery. Notice that for deleting a puzzle there shouldn't be saved games based on that puzzle so first you have to delete any saved game (including completed ones).

I am accessing the Internet at job, but I would play at home and there I don't have Internet access, how could I install the program at home?

Yes, simply download the program and save it to some removable media (flash memory or a CDROM). At home, just run the setup from the media.

I have registered BrainsBreaker on my home computer. I have a laptop and would like to have BrainsBreaker on it. Do I have to pay again?

No, the payment is for playing BrainsBreaker on any computer owned by the buyer as far as the program is running on a single machine at a given time. So you can install the program on the laptop and enter your activation code to activate it.

Is there a limit to the number of puzzles I put on the program?

There is not any limit imposed by the program. The only limitation is the available space on your Hard Disk. Notice that if you have many puzzles you can have them distributed on the "shelves".

Why there is not a feature for playing background music?

Rather than using a simple music player embedded in BrainsBreaker, you will experiment the same effect and have a lot more control if you run some other music player program such as "Windows Media Player" (it comes installed with windows) or WinAmp (for Windows and Mac computers). The player can run in the background while you play your puzzles and you can program it in different ways, for example to choose randomly songs in your Hard Disk.

I am waiting for an e-mail from you but I didn't get an answer

We answer all the e-mail related to the program, if you do not see our answer message probably is because it can't reach you.
First thing to check is if it has gone to the junk mail folder.
Another possible reason is because we are sending the e-mail to a wrong address. Maybe you have your e-mail software misconfigured, so when we reply to your message it goes addressed incorrectly (there is a trick to make sure you have it right: Send a message to yourself. You should receive it a few minutes later, but in some cases could last some more to arrive). Once you get it, reply to yourself (hitting the Reply button on the window that shows your message) and look if the answer also reaches you).

I've created hundreds of puzzles. Is there some way to organize them?

In the gallery of puzzles, push the button labeled "New shelf" (in the left bottom) to create new shelves. Name it as you want, and click "Create". Then you can drag & drop puzzles to this new shelf.

I love BrainsBreaker, do you have other programs?

Thanks! :-) Yes, there is an animated kaleidoscope based on the photos stored in the computer. It is at With a free trial of course. Hint: Have you tried doing a jigsaw puzzle with the image of a kaleidoscope?

And PhotoChances (at In this one, the idea is to apply automatically spectacular image effects to your photographs. It's in fact two products: a slideshow that picks the photographs in your disk at random applies some effect (leaving the original untouched) and shows them in the screen. When you see some image with a treatment you like you can capture it. The other module is named "Lab". It's for using the effects in the images of your choice and gives some more control on the result.

Mmm, my question is not here, what can I do?

Just send an email to - and we will do our best to answer your questions.