Play Jigsaw Puzzles on your computer

jigsaw sample

A snapshot of the screen with an ongoing puzzle (Click the image to zoom)

Never has been so easy and fun having unlimited jigsaw puzzles. With BrainsBreaker, a game for Mac and PCs running Windows, now it is possible to take any photograph and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle, ready to put together at any time.

The program has been carefully designed to give you the same functionality and -most important- the same sensations and pleasures you feel when doing a carton jigsaw puzzle. 

As in the real world, the pieces are scattered around the table (the whole screen) and you have to sort them and figure out their position and find interlocking pieces either by its color or its shape.

Handling of pieces is done with single mouse operations: you pick a piece pointing over it and clicking, then you just drag it wherever you want and drop it releasing the mouse.

jigsaw piece menu

Menu of a piece

The pieces can be rotated with the menu but there are several more fast and comfortable methods, (turning the mouse wheel, or pressing the Ctrl key and clicking on it). To perform other operations, you have always the menus for the objects that are onscreen, this is the menu that appears when you right-click over a jigsaw piece:

Notice that there is even an option also to fasten a piece, this avoids moving it when you find a position you want to keep.

jigsaw puzzle with magnifying glass

A magnifying glass for a close inspection

There are other helpful features such as "trays" (they are for storing temporarily pieces), a magnifying glass, the ability to move several pieces at once, an indication when a group of locked pieces hides others below and an optional scoring system to give it some extra amusement to the game.

The number of pieces of a puzzle is only limited by the size of your screen. You can make a jigsaw of 1000 pieces on regular monitors but this is not a limit, a big photo can make easily 2000 pieces or more.

jigsaw puzzle selector

The gallery of puzzles

The program saves automatically the ongoing puzzles and later at any time recover it exactly as you left it. In the gallery you can choose the puzzle to play, either a new game or continue a previously started one. At the left, there is a list of "shelves", they are independent places for storing the puzzles.

Print screen prompts for creating a jigsaw puzzle

Copying an image to the clipboard allows turning it into a jisaw puzzle

There are several methods to create a new puzzle, and all are very easy:
1.When you have the desired image on the screen press the "Print Screen" key (it's at the right of the F12 key), the program will ask you if you want a jigsaw puzzle with what was on the screen.
2.Loading an image file (selecting the option "Create a new puzzle"). 3.Dragging an image file to the BrainsBreaker's screen.


creating a jigsaw puzzle

Creating a new puzzle from a picture

The next step is just choosing the number of pieces of the new puzzle or leave the option for the time when starting the jigsaw. Some other optional details like the background color and voilà, a new puzzle ready to play.

You can download BrainsBreaker, the jigsaw puzzle program freely here and see all this and more for yourself. It comes with many jigsaw puzzles fully playable so you will have hours of relax and fun.