There are some additional options in the program, not needed for a regular use of the program but that may be useful in specific circumstances. They are grouped here, under "Advanced" to maintain simple the general instructions. 

OPTIONS: The options window is usually activated with the F3 key. If you hold down the  Ctrl  key and press  F3   there will be an additional "Advanced" tab at the top with some more options.

 Main folder of puzzles : Tells the place where the program finds all the puzzles and shelves. If you want the puzzles to be in some specific location press the button "Browse" and locate the folder that contains the puzzles. The puzzles in that folder will appear in the gallery in the shelf "BrainsBreaker". Creating other shelves in the gallery will create the corresponding subfolders. The button "Set default" removes the setting and leaves the default location of puzzles.

 Secondary location of shelves : You can set an additional location of shelves. For example, this option may be useful to create puzzles in removable media, for example in a USB memory. If you set something here, when creating a new shelf will offer an option to create it in the secondary location (the option will be available only if the media you set as the secondary shelf is present).

Other options are self-explained with the tooltips (point the mouse over each option).

BACKGROUNDS You can add more textures to have more options as backgrounds in the program. You must provide image files suitable as a background. The name of the image files must begin with tex_ and the format should be jpeg or png.
The maximum number of textures in the program is 30 (including the ones that come predefined).