The mini image

While playing a puzzle the program shows in the main board the target image half the size.

You can move it by clicking and dragging or you can hide it either from its menu (Right click over it) or the Game options.

When the mini image has pieces over it, will be displayed grayed to achieve more contrast with the pieces on top of it.

Right clicking on the Mini Image will display a pop-up menu with some options to control it.

When the Solution frame overlaps with the Mini Image, the program can shrink it, so they not overlap. To access this option, right click the mouse on the Mini Image and choose  Adjust to not overlap  (this option is only available if the Mini Image is at its home position: the top left of the screen).

If you have moved it, the pop-up menu will show the option  To home position  to place it quickly at the top/left of the board.