Ordering BrainsBreaker

BrainsBreaker is proposed as Trialware: you can try the final program with some limitations in play but most of the features available.

When installing BrainsBreaker the program comes in "Evaluation" or "Demo" mode. You can play with the puzzles and create new ones to see if you like the program and if all works fine. Then you can pay a fee for the license to use the program.

Playing with the unregistered program has a limitation: You can solve only a part of the puzzles (except the puzzles in the gallery not flagged with Demo that can be completed).

The program's license allows playing completely any puzzle, your own created ones and other sets of "canned" puzzles (you may find these additional puzzles in the Internet at the program's site http://www.brainsbreaker.com

So, for a small fee you will have an unlimited number of puzzles for playing as there is an infinite number of images to create new puzzles, either with your own digital photos or by using the millions of photos and paintings that are on the Internet and permit personal use.

How to order:
Sales of BrainsBreaker are handled by third-party e-commerce companies. You can order the license safely Online with Credit Card in a secure web site: Point your Internet browser to: http://www.brainsbreaker.com/order and follow the instructions/links there. Other payment options you will find in the web site are phone mail or fax and paying by check or money order (the faster method is ordering by credit card and it is safe as the forms are secure).
After your payment is processed, you'll receive an e-mail message containing your activation code with the instructions on how to enter it into the program. Once entered, all the puzzles will be fully playable.

IMPORTANT: Please, make sure that you type correctly and clearly your e-mail address when ordering the license: Here is where your registration code goes and a mistake here could delay the receipt of your activation code.

Why to order?
Besides unlocking the program's features, please be aware that a huge effort (hundreds of morning, evening, night and prime hours :-) has been made to put all this together so that you can have a fun and nice time playing. The fee is your contribution to the task and will help to maintain the program. And there are additional sets of puzzles to order if you feel you want to contribute more. 
Thank you!