BrainsBreaker computes a score for the games you play. It rewards points at each piece you solve and subtracts when you use some of the cheating features such as Hint and also for each second spent on the puzzle. The most difficult the puzzle (more pieces, difficult shapes) will give more points at each piece solved.

If you don't have the option  Show score  set to "never", you will see a small box at the bottom of the puzzle screen showing the status of the current game: Time spent, percent solved, your score and the position of this game in the Rankings. Clicking that box will give you more options and actions. Hold down the key  Ctrl  and click+drag to move it.

You can view your score combined with scores of other people that have played this same puzzle: Press the button  View Ranking  to see the scores of people that has played this puzzle at these same settings (with the same shape, number of pieces, rotability. etc...) followed by the scores of players of this puzzle independently of the game options (you may see lines with a very high score because they play in a very difficult mode, for example with many pieces).

As this score will be publicly visible on the web we do not display any personal information there just the status of the game but in order to identify you in the public ranking, you can set a name in the  Alias . By default, the name you set here is what will be displayed in the next games you play. 

 Comment : allows entering some text that will be displayed in your score within the ranking.

We recommend NOT entering complete personal information in the Alias or the Comment but you can enter something that can be recognizable by you and your friends to add fun if you get into a competitive mood or to show your achievements. Your first name alone may good but you may find other people using the same alias. 

The rankings are especially fun with the Gift puzzles as probably there will be other people playing them.

You can disable the logging of the score in the web if you check either  This game  or  All games .

If you have checked  Don't connect to cloud server  in the Options the scores won't be available either.