Game Info and Options

In the options window, the tab labeled  This game , is activated directly by pressing  F2  while a puzzle is loaded. It shows general information about the current game and allows to change some settings of the active game.

*  Title  (optional): You can set a title for the game. It will appear in the gallery may be useful to identify a particular game.

*  Player  (optional): Set a player's name for that game. It will appear in the gallery and also there you will be able to see only the files of a particular player.

*  Pieces : tells how many pieces has the current puzzle.

*  Started on : shows the date when you started the game. If the game is completed there will be also the date  Completed  

*  Time : tells how much time this puzzle has been opened. (While a puzzle is loaded you can stop the "timer" by pressing the key  P 

*  Movements : is how many movements of pieces have been done on that particular game.

*  Cheats : tells the number of cheats you have done until this moment on the current game.  No Cheating!!  Disables the ability to "cheat" while playing this game (specifically, it will not allow using  Solve 1 ,  Hint ,  Edge pieces  or  Ghost image ). Once pushed, the button disappears and you can't uncheck the option anymore for the current game.
(If you challenge yourself to solve the puzzle without using any automatic help, here you have a chance to receive computer help in your commitment ;-) )
This button only appears if you have not used any of the cheating options in that game.

*  Solved sides : is the number of solved sides in the puzzle and the percentage solved.

*  Game mode : The next set of options control some features of the program. These options are effective only in this game.

*  Hide mini image : This hides (when checked) or shows (when unchecked) the picture sample of the main screen.

*  Ghost image : It will show the image of the puzzle in the background. This helps greatly when solving the puzzle. While the ghost image is shown, you can adjust its transparency by pressing the keys Ctrl+G. Every time you press them will produce different degrees of opacity (this option is disabled in "non cheating" mode).

*  Edge pieces : Displays only the pieces of the border of the image. This will make easier to start the puzzle solving the border pieces as only these pieces will be visible (this option is disabled in "non cheating" mode).

*  Show score : Displays a small box at the bottom of the board with the time spent, score. You can choose if the score will be displayed always, never or at the end of the game. When the score is visible, click it to see more details.

These options affect the current game only. You can set the default value for these options for further games that you start in the "Program Options" window.