Text in the image

You can type richly formatted text in the image you use to create a new puzzle. This offers new possibilities to enhance the image, create gift puzzles for fun greetings, etc. 

When you are creating a new puzzle push the button  Add text to the image  to open the window where you type the text and choose its visual aspect. 

On top is the box where you can type the text. As you type, the result is shown in the image. Below the text are different options to format it:

 Type : to choose a typeface among the available on your computer.

 Size : Slider that controls the size of the letter.
 Bold : Set the bold version of the selected typeface.
 Italic : Italic version of the typeface.
 Bevel : Outlines the font adding a sensation of "thikness".
 Centered : Centers the text horizontally. Notice that the text is surrounded by a rectangle, you can resize this rectangle thus setting the zone on which the text will be centered.
 Transparency : Allows making the text partially transparent, the degree of transparency is controlled with the slider, the leftmost position will be totally opaque and the rightmost invisible.

 Color : To choose the color of the text. Click the colored box to access the Color picker tool. Or fine tune the current color with the sliders at the right.

 Shadow : The text can cast a shadow on the image. This provides a 3dimensional effect. To activate the shadow check the option  On , and fine tune it with the other sliders: 
 Blur : To control how diffused is the shadow
 Intensity : its opacity 
and  Height : will move the shadow from the text giving a sense of "height".

You can Move the text, simply click it with the mouse and drag it around the picture. And you can resize the box that contains the text, this is useful when you have chosen centered text.

Double clicking on the text allows editing the text and its properties.

You can add more than one text, simply click on  Add text to the image , each text can have different formatting options.

If you want to delete a text, right click on in and choose  Remove this text .