Playing Gift Puzzles

When you receive a Gift Puzzle from someone else, you just need to double click on the file you received and that will start the puzzle (provided that you have BrainsBreaker 5 installed). The puzzle will run in a simplified mode as it was designed by the creator, ready to play.

If you leave the puzzle and start it again, it will display as it was when you left it. When the puzzle is completed, if you want to play it again, use the option  Scatter  (or press  Ctrl+R  ).

The gift puzzles in the gallery: Each gift puzzle you start is installed in the program in a special "shelf" in the gallery named " - Gift puzzles ". This way, you can access the gift puzzles you got in the past and have them grouped. And with the licensed program you can play these puzzles like any other, being able to choose different shapes and number of pieces, resize etc. And you can also organize the puzzles moving them to other shelves. A gift puzzle displayed in the gallery has a special icon overlapping the thumbnail: .