Creating new puzzles

BrainsBreaker allows creating a new puzzle with anything visible in the computer's screen or with your image files.

First you need to tell the program what picture you want. There are several methods to do it:

1st method) Copying an image to the Clipboard: When any image data is on the Clipboard BrainsBreaker will detect it and will suggest to create a new puzzle.
A quick way to put an image into the Clipboard is by pressing  Prnt Scrn  while the picture is visible on the screen. (The PrintScreen key is usually at the right of the F12 key). This copies the contents of the whole screen to the Clipboard. Pressing the keys  Alt  and  Prnt Scrn  simultaneously, copies only the contents of the active window.

A quick experiment to create a new puzzle: Press the 'Print Screen' key now (it is at the right of the F12 key on almost all keyboards). If BrainsBreaker is not running start it. It will ask if you want to create a puzzle with the Clipboard contents, push the Yes button and you will enter the puzzle creation process explained here.

Many image-processing programs also have a "Copy" option in the "Edit" menu. This usually also does the job, maybe first you will need to select the image or a part of it.

2nd method) Loading an image file: Specifying directly what image file you want: On the main menu or in the gallery select the option Create Puzzle (or press  Create a new puzzle  and press the button  Browse...  in the window that appears).

3rd method) Dragging an image file to the BrainsBreaker's screen: Another way to tell BrainsBreaker which image you want is to drag some picture file over the BrainsBreaker's main screen: Open some folder that contains picture files (make sure that the screen of BrainsBreaker is visible below), click over a file and drag it over the BrainsBreaker screen and drop it there.

Note: If you have an image file with a format non supported by the program you can use the first method to turn it into a puzzle: Run any program that shows the image and press  Prnt Scrn   (Many programs have also a Copy option on the Edit menu that should work too).

The fourth method " Create a Mystery puzzle from a random image " is a special feature to allow you to have mystery puzzles from your pictures. The idea is that you tell the program a folder containing many pictures and it will pick one at random, you probably have seen the image but will not know what it is until you work the puzzle. You will have to choose the folder containing that many images. (If there are many files in this folder and its subfolders the program may take a while to read all of them, you can cancel the operation while it is scanning).

Whatever the method used, you will arrive at the step to specify the properties for the new puzzle. That's explained here