The gallery of puzzles

In the gallery you can choose the puzzle to play, either a new game or continue a previously started one. It is displayed when the program starts,  from the main menu or pressing  Ctrl+O 

At the leftmost zone of the Gallery is the "Shelves" section. Here you can choose what to display in the gallery. By default it will display the "Shelves", different sections where you can store the puzzles. And it can show other ways of organizing the puzzles: Click here to read about the shelves and other views in the Gallery.

The gallery shows a "Thumbnail" (a small image) for each master puzzle. If you have started games based on that puzzle, these are also shown next to it, at its right. The master puzzles show the image and for saved games it shows a snapshot of the screen the last time you played it. Depending on the visualization mode (see  Visual display  below) it displays additional information.

To open one of the puzzles or games in progress just double click its thumbnail. If you open a master puzzle the program will show the panel for starting a new puzzle where you can choose all the possible variations on that puzzle.

Right click on a thumbnail to open a pop-up menu exposing some self-explained actions to do with that puzzle.

Below the thumbnails there are some options to choose what type of thumbnails must be displayed. For example, if you uncheck  Originals , the list will not show any master puzzle (the ones you open to start a new game), but only thumbnails corresponding to games in progress.

In games in progress, if you have set a player's name, you can select that name in the list of players (under the heading  Player ). The window will show only the saved games belonging to that player in the current folder.

It's also possible to reopen finished (100% completed) games. Initially  Completed  is unchecked, but you can check it to make them appear in the list.

The puzzles are initially sorted showing fist the ones with incomplete games followed by the rest ordered by title. In  Sort by  you can change this and display the puzzles in the shelf sorted by just the title or the time you worked that puzzle, this way you can have the puzzles most recently worked at the top or the bottom of the list.

The options opens a popup menu with:

The option  Visual display  switches the mode of displaying the thumbnails. Choose what you prefer as this doesn't have any effect on the operation of the program, just the way the thumbnails are displayed. With  Visual display  the program shows a colored background grouping the master puzzle and its saved games so it's visually easy to see them grouped. 

 EachPuzzle a row  offers an alternate method to display the master puzzles with the saved games, with that option checked each master puzzle will go on the first column and at the right will be saved games based on that puzzle. 

 All gallery options  to access the window with general options about the gallery. More info about this here.

Select the game in the gallery and press the delete button or the key  Del  in your keyboard.

Select the thumbnail of the puzzle (not a started game) and press the delete button (or the  Del  key). That will remove the puzzle (in all levels) from your computer.
If there are saved games based on that puzzle the program will warn before deleting all of them.

Simply drag the thumbnail to the shelf you want it to go. The program will move the master puzzle and all the saved games of what you choose.

Right click on the thumbnail of the puzzle and choose the option " Change name ". The program will check that there are no other puzzles with that same title.
Note: This option will not be available on saved games or preloaded puzzles.

Puzzles in packs can be installed in Mystery mode. You can change that setting on a particular puzzle: Right click on the thumbnail of the puzzle (not a saved game) and choose the option " Remove mystery mode ". If the puzzle is not in mystery mode you can revert it to (this may be useful if you prepare the puzzles for someone else, or to revert to mystery again)

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