Searching lost puzzles in your disk

In some circumstances you may need to locate and recover puzzles that you know are in your computer's disk but BrainsBreaker doesn't diplay in the gallery. This can happen, for example after switching computers, maybe after some system crash or reinstallation, etc.

BrainsBreaker provides an internal utility that will scan the disk you choose and list puzzle files that are not in the Gallery.

To activate the option, click the settings on the gallery and choose  Search puzzles in your disk 

Once in the window you can press either  Search on your computer  that will scan the whole computer o   Choose folder  to choose from where start the search. In the first case, the scanning may take quite some time will have to traverse all the folders in your disk (If you guess that the puzzles may be in some more specific location better try choosing that particular location as it will take less time to complete, you can always rerun to do a wider search later)

The search will start. As it may take a while you can press the button  Hide  to continue playing while the search is going on. At the end the window will pop up again displaying the results.

Once the search has completed you will have a list of folders that contain puzzles and a list of the puzzles contained in each one. (Click a folder to see its puzzles)

From here you can get an idea of what stuff is in your disk that maybe you weren't aware of. You can right click the mouse on a puzzle to open the corresponding folder and see the details.

Copy puzzles found to the Gallery
You can select one or more puzzles and press the button  Copy %1 puzzles  that will copy them to the gallery. The destination shelf is indicated next to that button with an option to change it.

Restoring lost shelves to the Gallery
When a folder cotaining puzzles is found to have been a shelf under the program it will offer an option to restore all these puzzles to a shelf with the same name, creating it if it doesn't exists. These folders are displayed prefixed with the sign "*".