Settings on Gift Puzzles

When creating a new puzzle you can choose to prepare it in a special format, Gift Puzzle. These puzzles can be distributed freely to anyone under the Terms of Use

(the first time you create a gift puzzle the terms of use will be displayed) and do not require buying the software. The receiver of the gift puzzle will need only to install the evaluation BrainsBreaker 5 software to play it. The software can be downloaded at

The settings you can choose when creating gift puzzles are:

Pieces: The gift puzzles can be created with a maximum of 100 pieces (50 if you use the program in Evaluation mode).

Shape: You can select the shape of the pieces of the puzzle.

No "cheats": The players won't be able to use any of the features to help to solve the puzzle (for example Edge pieces, Hint, etc).

Mystery: With this option the program will not display the image of the puzzle. The receiver will have to solve it not knowing what is until the puzzle is almost complete.

Non rotate: The puzzle will run with the pieces rotated in the right direction and will not allow rotating the pieces. Easier to solve.

BW mode: The gift puzzle will start with all the pieces in black and white. When the player joins pieces the color will be recovered in the zone of contact so when the puzzle is completed it will show all the color in the image.

Title: Type the title for the gift puzzle. This will be the name of the file generated that will have to deliver.

Zoom: The size of the image is limited (to be sure it will fit on any kind of screen). You can change the size of the source image either by shrinking it by moving the "Zoom image" bar to the left or by cropping the original image (click on the image and drag the mouse).

Background: The program defaults to a random color and texture as background of the puzzle. You can choose any variation that may combine better with the image.

: Will build some pieces and show them as it will be in the gift puzzle, this way you can test how they look with the background and shape chosen.

Messages playing the puzzle: You can add text messages that will be displayed when the puzzle starts and/or when it's completed.

Terms of Use: (displayed the first time you create a gift puzzle). You have to accept once the terms of use in order to be able to save the generated gift puzzle.

When you are done press "Save": this will store the gift puzzle as a file on your hard disk (the program asks for the folder where you want it saved). After saving, the folder where it has gone will open automatically so you can handle the file easily.

See also Delivering the gift puzzle