Gallery Options

Here you can see and set in a single page all the variations you can apply to the way the gallery works.

 View  to choose what the gallery displays in the left column. That same changes can be quickly accessed clicking on the title above the leftmost column.

 Sort "My packs"s by  To set the order of the packs bought. You can choose either sorting by Title, Date of purchase or Date published. (The last two options will list the most recent first.)

 Start gallery displaying Shelves  To start the program always showing the last shelf you had active (otherwise the program would show another view if you left the program in, for example, Labels)

 Download packs in Mystery mode . All the packs you buy that are not already downloaded will be in Mystery Mode. Once a pack or a puzzle is in mystery mode in the gallery it can be changed to regular mode right clicking the mouse over its thumbnails.

 Ask confirmation adding a new label . When you assign labels to puzzles, if you enter a non-existen one the program will create. With this option set the program will ask confirmation to make sure that you really want to create a new label.

 Display thumbnails  The thumbnails of the puzzles can be displayed in different modes:

 Informative  and  Visual display  to choose the mode the thumbnails are displayed. With Visual display the program shows a colored background grouping the master puzzle and its saved games so it's visually easy to see them grouped.

 EachPuzzle a row  will display the puzzles more sparsely, each mater puzzle will start at the left and, if there are saved games, will be displayed next. The following master puzzle will go in the next line at the left.

 Scale thumbnails  changes the size of the thumbnails in their containing box