Entering your activation code    

In this window you can enter your activation code that you received after ordering the license of the program. 
You just need to fill each field as you got it in the email and the program will have no limitations allowing playing all the puzzles including the unlimited ones you can create with any image.

Entering the code without typing
There is a trick to not have to type: If you copy the data to the Clipboard the program will detect it and fill this form automatically:
* Go to the email message with your Activation code. Click the mouse before the line of the  Item  and drag it until past the line of the  Key  so all the details are highlighted (it doesn't matter if select before or past the data)
* Press the keys Control+C
* Activate or Start BrainsBreaker and you should have the information already filled, here you just need to press the  OK  button.