Sound Options

You can customize the sounds of the program, either by muting all or some of them,  checking one of the two presets or choosing different sound files for the different events in the program that produce sound. The sound files need to be in uncompressed wav format.

To access the sound options press F3 to access the Program options and choose the tab Sound at the top of the Options window.

The program comes aleady with two sets of sounds  Soft  and  Intense , the first produces subtle sounds and the later stronger. (You can check any and test with the  Play  buttons below).

 Volume : Allows  choosing the Volume of the sounds played by moving that slider. Next to it, the checkable option  Test , when checked, will produce a repeating sound so you can have an idea of the effect of the volume.  Mute all  allows turning off any sound in the program (see below to turn off only some of the sounds)

 Sound file : Next goes a list of the different events that produce sound. At the right of each event a button displays the current sound assigned to that event. If you press the button you can select some different sound file: You will have to choose a wav file in your disk. If you have changed a sound but you want to return to the original sound just hold down the key  Ctrl  and press the button.

The button  Play  allows hearing the sound assigned at the current volume

 Mute  allows turning off a sound of a particular event.